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  • July 11, 2023 4 min read

    What are dried red rose?

    Roses have been used for thousands of years as both art and medicine. There are more than 130 species and thousands of cultivars in the rose family. Roses can all be eaten and used to make tea, but some are sweet and others are more bitter.
    Rose tea is a plant drink that smells good and is made from the petals and buds of sweet rose flowers. It is said to be good for your health in many ways.

    Rose Bud Tea Benefits.

    The vitamin C content of rose flowers, especially the buds, is much higher than that of fresh foods like orange, tomato, and grapefruit. This makes it a great plant tea to keep your face healthy and bright and to naturally fight off colds and flu.

    Loose rose bud tea is also good for your health because it helps get rid of waste from your kidneys and bladder. This lowers your risk of getting a urinary tract infection. Drinking rose tea can also keep kidney stones from causing blockages.

    Also, our pink rose tea is full of healthy nutrients and organic acids that help avoid stomach problems and get rid of toxic waste and substances that can build up in the bowels. If you drink dried rosebud tea, you are less likely to get dysentery, diarrhea, vomiting, or have trouble going to the bathroom.

    Lastly, rose flower herbal tea is a great way to unwind after a long day at work because it can calm the central nervous system. This makes sadness and worry less likely. If you drink one or two cups of dried rose tea every day, it can also help people with constant tiredness, insomnia, and nervousness.


    Roses have long been known to be good for your face. Rose water is one of the best ways to use dried rose petals because it can help clear up acne and moisturize dry, aged skin. To make rose water, put a cup of dried, organic petals into a cup of hot, distilled water and let it sit for a few hours. Give the mix a day to sit. Strain the petals, and put the water in the fridge so you can use it later.


    Mix together one cup of dried and crushed flowers, two cups of sugar, a half cup of coconut oil, and eight drops of your favorite essential oil.


    Roses have a lot of vitamin C and other nutrients that help protect the skin from damage by free radicals. Rose body oil is a soothing treat you can give your body when you want to treat it well. Rose body oil can be made by putting a cup of jojoba or sweet almond oil on top of two cups of dried and crushed rose petals. After two weeks, squeeze the petals out of the mixture and enjoy. Keep your oil out of the sun to keep the antioxidants it has.


    Every woman needs some time to herself in a big tub at some point in her life. Rose bath bombs will make these times more special. Bath bombs are like bubble baths for adults. Using dried rose petals, you can make your own by mixing baking soda, flour, coconut oil, rose essential oil, and your dried rose petals. Put the wet mix into molds for bath bombs. After you take them out of the molds, let them dry completely before you use them or give them away.


    When it gets warmer, there are more chances to get together outside with friends, family, and coworkers. Why not give the cool drinks you serve your friends a little something extra? Use your dried rose petals to make ice cubes. Start with clean petals to make this piece of art. Put your flower petals in ice cube trays and boil pure water twice. The end result is clear ice cubes with your bright dried rose petals in them.


    A list of things to do with dried rose petals wouldn't be complete without a body butter. Rose leaves are loved by women who know that they make their skin soft. Make a powder out of your dried flower leaves for the best way to keep your skin wet. Mix the powder into the body butter you like best. Enjoy silky soft skin.

    How to make Rose Bud Tea?

    Our pink rosebud tea should be brewed in a glass kettle with a lid. For every 500ml of water, use about 2 teaspoons. For the first and second boil, let the tea sit in hot water at 95°C for 4-5 minutes. For more brews, raise the temperature and length of time. Glass tea mugs or teapots are great because you can see the beautiful look of the pink roses through the glass.

    Where to buy red rose buds?

    Dried Red Rose Buds can be found online!. Buy it at the Tea Store NYC - Alive Herbals.

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