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About Us

The Alive Herbal Corporation was established in the year 2013. From our humble beginning, we have only one goal, to provide our customers with high-grade and quality spices. We want our customers completely satisfied, that is why quality and service are never compromised. We sell all our products from online platforms like and our official website Our dedication in providing our customers quality bulk Herbs and Spices (A-Z), Oil (Black seed oil), Teas, Raw ingredients and many more useful Essential oil  immense popularity over the years among our partners and esteemed customers from all over the world.

Alive Herbal has a final product area unit situated in the USA. We supply our valued customers and partners with bulk herbs and spices like Black Seed Oil, Rose Water cinnamon sticks,  Rose buds and petals etc., from various parts of the world, mainly from Asian countries like India, China, Turkey, Indonesia, Africa, Philippines and also additionally from south and north America. The herbs and spices that arrive at the Alive Herbal warehouse from around the world are carefully stored.

All packaging and assembly are done in the United States of America only and now here else.

During our years of Business in the United States of America, we have seen the spice and herbs market evolve here. We have also evolved with the times and tend to maintain our quality and provide you with the freshest product by tiny, weekly batch grind. This process helps us to make sure that you get the best products available to satisfy your cooking needs and desires.

About the Owners: 

The Alive Herbal Corporation was founded by second-generation spice merchants. The main business was established by the Patwary family.

At Alive Herbal we strongly believe that good nutrition is essential to living a long and healthy life.

Unfortunately, Today it is impossible to get all the good nutrition for our bodies. we find at regular supermarkets. Most of this food is so highly processed, preserved, and full of artificial ingredients that by the time it reaches our kitchen, there’s often little nutritional value left in it!

Alive Herbals is dedicated to bringing you the finest best quality product in your happy and healthy family. We maintain Fast and Free shipping, all orders process within 48 hours.

We remain committed to the the customer.

Provide Natural Grown black seed oil and spices at alive herbals crop. has been delivering premium bulk spices and herbs, botanical, teas, seasonings and much more for your daily needed.

Collecting fresh goods:
Most all of our products are sourced directly from the reliable suppliers—this allows us to provide you with premium bulk fresh products at competitive prices.

Packaging and labeling:
Our product packaging and labeling are fully furnished are the USA. We maintain the best policy for packaging and labeling.
Our main goal is customer satisfaction by delivering the best quality product.

You are always welcome to call Us over the phone if you have any queries regarding the services, herbs and spices provided by The alive Herbal corporation.

Thanks and warmly regards,
Natural Products Stores Near Me - Alive Herbals family.