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Thyme grows naturally in the western Mediterranean and southern Italy. Wild thyme grows naturally in southern Europe. It is now grown everywhere, but it does best in light, chalky soils. The plant is a mint-family perennial shrub that grows to be about 16 inches tall and has woody stems, small leaves, and pink flowers. Wild thyme is an evergreen herb that grows in tufts and only gets three inches tall. It has square stems, small oval leaves that smell good, and bright mauve flowers on spikes.

The wild thyme has been brought up in a garden. There are a lot of related species, and each one has a different amount of volatile oil. Before and during flowering, the plant's upper parts are picked.


Thyme also has many vitamins and minerals that are good for your health. Thyme is full of vitamin C, which helps your immune system, potassium, which keeps your cells healthy, and manganese, which helps your bones grow and your blood clot.

◉ Reduce Blood Pressure  - High blood pressure that lasts for a long time is called "hypertension." Problems with high blood pressure are called. In the medical world, it is known as "the silent killer." This name comes from the fact that most people with high blood pressure don't notice when their symptoms start to change because they happen slowly over time.

Using thyme oil extract can help ease some of the symptoms of high blood pressure, like a fast heart rate. When put in diffusers or used in steam therapy, the oil has a calming effect. Put a few drops of essential oil in a diffuser and let it run while you sleep. When the steam goes into the lungs, it goes through the bloodstream and helps relieve the symptoms of high blood pressure.

◉ Soothe a Cough - We're lucky that we only have to deal with sore throats every once in a while. When flu season comes around, bacteria and viruses invade communities all over the United States. If you don't get the vaccine against pneumococcal bacterial infection, you could get the flu or bronchitis.

◉ Reduces Inflammation- Thyme can stop inflammation by stopping COX-2, an enzyme in the body that causes inflammation. It's kind of like how resveratrol, a chemical found in red wine, is good for you. COX-2 inhibitors are also found in medicines like Celebrex and thyme. However, Celebrex was taken off the market because it was bad for the heart.

One study found that thyme cut down on the production of inflammatory mediators by a lot. This makes it a great source of anti-inflammatory effects. It also decreased cytokines that cause inflammation, which suggests that the essential oils from thyme could be used to treat diseases that are caused by inflammation.

◉ Promotes Bone Health - Increasing the amount of herbs you eat is a good way to improve bone health and lower your risk of osteoporosis. Research shows that common herbs, like thyme, can stop bone from breaking down in people with osteoporosis. Thyme is also one of the best places to get calcium and magnesium, both of which are important for healthy bones.

In one study, osteoporosis and the loss of bone mass in women were looked at. The study compared the effects of treatment with thyme to those of treatment with calcium and vitamin D3. They found that the mean amount of ionized calcium in the blood dropped significantly in both the group that was given thyme and the group that was given extra calcium.


Product Name Thyme Leaf.
Scientific Name Thymus.
Country of Origin
Originally from the southern Europe and northern Africa. Packaged in the USA.
Product Style
Taste & Aroma
Subtle and dry with a hint of mint.
Shelf Life & Storage
In general, there is generally a about 1 to 3 years validity after production.
We requested you, Before consuming spices, herbs, teas or any kind of natural products you consult an expert qualified healthcare practitioner or herbalist.
Notice  This product information has not been appraised by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). For educational purposes only.

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