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Cardamom Powder


What is Cardamom Powder?

Cardamom powder is made by grinding cardamom into a fine powder. It has a pleasant smell and adds flavor. Cardamom Powder is a useful spice that is used in many Indian dishes, especially sweets, desserts, drinks with flavorings, and rice meals. Cardamom Powder makes it so you don't have to taste the husk when you add it to food, but it keeps the smell and taste

It's easy to make cardamom powder. Even though cardamom, or elachi, is sometimes used as a whole spice, cardamom powder is used most often. It is often used in curries, gravies, and most Indian sweets, so you should always have some on hand. It only takes 10 minutes to make cardamom powder at home.

Cardamom powder Uses:

Use sparingly in pickles, mulled wines, meat, poultry, and shellfish that have been cooked. In Western Europe, ground cardamom is often used in Dutch biscuits, aquavit, cakes, and pastries, as well as cakes and pastries from Scandinavia. Ground cardamom is often used to make desserts in Middle Eastern recipes. 

Cardamom powder substitute:

The best cardamom powder substitutes are Cardamom Seeds, Black Cardamom Pods, Cardamom Green Pods, or Mahlab Seeds Whole.

Cardamom powder health benefits:

Cardamom is a spice that has a strong, slightly sweet taste that some people say tastes like mint.

It comes from India, but today you can find it all over the world and use it in both sweet and savory dishes.

Antioxidant and Diuretic Properties May Lower Blood Pressure:  Cardamom might help lower blood pressure, probably because it is an antioxidant and a diuretic.

May Protect from Chronic Diseases:  Cardamom may help protect cells from damage and stop or slow down inflammation in your body because it contains antioxidants.

May Help with Digestive Problems:  Cardamom may help prevent digestive problems. In rats, it has been shown to reduce the number and size of stomach ulcers.

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Best Cardamom Powder info at a glance:

Product Name Cardamom Powder.
Scientific Name Elettaria cardamomum.
Country of Origin
Product Style
Powder or Ground.
Taste & Aroma
Warm, lemony, sweet, and fresh.
Shelf Life & Storage
To store, keep in a cool dry place, and you can await cardamom powder shelf life for about 1.5 years with little decay.
We urged you that, before consuming spicesherbs, or any kind of natural product you can consult a qualified healthcare practitioner or herbalist.
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