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Sencha Green Tea


Sencha Green Tea DESCRIPTION:

Sencha is hot green tea made from Camellia sinensis plants with small leaves. Japanese sencha has a taste that is often described as green, seaweedy, grassy, or vegetable. Different kinds of sencha and how they are made give them different tastes.

After the leaves are picked, the first step in making sencha green tea is to quickly steam them. This stops the leaves from turning brown and keeps their green color and taste. Then, the leaves are rolled, formed, and left to dry.

Sencha tea is also made in China, South Korea, and other places, but the teas can be very different from their Japanese versions because the tea plants and processing methods used are different. These teas are often used to make blends. They taste more toasted and sweet than Japanese sencha, which tastes like grass.

Sencha Green Tea benefits:

Sencha has a lot of vitamins, and EGCG is one of the best. In fact, a lot of people say that this special antioxidant is what makes green tea so good for you. In a way, Sencha is better than Matcha because of this.

◉ Fights free radicals:- The chemicals that make up free radicals hurt our bodies. It is known that they damage our DNA, which can lead to cancer and make us age faster. There are many antioxidants and other nutrients in sencha green tea that help fight against these radicals. This means that drinking this tea can lower our chances of getting many kinds of cancer and reduce the amount of toxic stress in our bodies.

◉ Helps with weight loss:- Sencha is great for getting rid of fat. It has a lot of vitamins, which can help you burn more calories. Also, this green tea's caffeine can speed up your digestion. This will give you more energy and help you burn fat while you go about your day.

◉ Boosts the immune system:- Sencha is good for your nervous system because it has a lot of vitamin C and other antioxidants. By making white blood cells, it can stop diseases and viruses from taking over. These cells can also help you feel better faster if you have a cold or the flu.

◉ Reduces bad cholesterol:- Studies show that LDL, or bad cholesterol, can be lowered by drinking sencha green tea. This is a great way to lower blood pressure and keep heart disease from happening. This tea should be tried by anyone who is at risk for heart problems.

Where can I buy Sencha Green Tea?

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Product Name Sencha Green Tea.
Scientific Name Camellia sinensis.
Country of Origin Originally from native to Japan. Packaged in the USA.
Product Style Whole.
Taste & Aroma The flavor of this type of green tea is sweet, fruity, and flowery. Sencha is said to taste like grass and dirt.
Shelf Life & Storage Shelf Life is about 2 – 3 years.The best way to store them is in a cool, dark place with a lid that keeps out air.
Precautions We requested you, Before consuming spices, herbs, teas or any kind of natural products you consult an expert qualified healthcare practitioner or herbalist.
Notice  This product information has not been appraised by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). For educational purposes only.