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Cayenne Pepper


 Cayenne Pepper Descriptions:

As one of the most popular peppers, cayenne pepper is used in lots of dishesall over the world.

With their very distinctive look, they are very easy to spot and a favorite choice of spice in many cuisines because of their bright coloring effect and moderate heat.

What is cayenne pepper?

Cayenne pepper is a distinctive red pepper that belongs to the Capsicum annum family. Known for its long, red, and tapering body, the cayenne would grow downward as a fruit as opposed to upright positioning. They are generally between 10-25cm long and would often feature a skinny frame, with a curved tip and a shriveled or rippled look.

One of the features of the cayenne pepper that makes it a favorite choice of spice is the level of heat that it adds to food. While it could still be classified as a pepper that delivers moderate heat, the cayenne pepper is definitely hot and biting and could make your food very spicy. There are lots of cayenne pepper substitutes and these would typically appear as spice mixes as they are blended to provide a similar level of heat as the cayenne.

Cayenne peppercan be used in its whole and fresh form, its dried and shriveled form, and even as cayenne powder. Its history dates back to its supposed origin in French Guiana. These peppers were named after the city cayenne and their production has now spread to most cities of the world including the United States, Mexico, East Africa, and India. They are either red or brown in color and often readily available in the west.

Cayenne is used in several different applications including the production of cayenne pepper pills. Unlike another cayenne pepper substitute, the cayenne powder requires a very different method of storage. It should be stored in a dark and air-tight container so as to ensure that it doesn’t lose its heat and deteriorate with time. 

Cayenne Pepper Benefits:

One of the reasons why cayenne pepper is referred to as the king of medicinal herbs is as result of the many positive health benefits it brings. It has been used for over a thousand years to treat various health problems. Some of the cayenne pepper benefits include;

Helps with blood pressure.

As a result of its high levels of capsaicin, cayenne pepper has shown to be effective in lowering blood pressure. Being that this is a huge health problem around the world, a cayenne pepper diet may be best for people suffering from symptoms of this problem.

Boosts metabolism.

Through a process called thermogenesis, cayenne peppers have the ability to boost your body’s metabolism by increasing the amount of heat your body produces. This means that people that are on a cayenne pepper diet are likely to burn more calories per day. This is the reason why using cayenne pepper for weight loss is very effective as a dietary additive.

Improves digestive health.

By helping to stimulate the production of digestive juices and boosting the enzyme delivering process, cayenne pepper aids digestion and improves overall digestive health.

Helps with pain.

While capsaicin should not be applied to open wounds, its content in food can help to relieve pain making it effective as an anti-irritant.

Clears nasal congestion.

For people who are having a cold or suffering from nasal congestion as a result of allergies or flu, cayenne pepper can help to break down all blockages and keep the nose clear. 

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Cayenne Pepper Powder More Information:

Product Name Cayenne Pepper.
Scientific Name Capsicum Annuum.
Country of Origin
Central and South America. Packaged in the USA.
Product Style
Taste & Aroma
 A neutral, peppery flavor.
Shelf Life & Storage
Shelf Life is for about 3 to 4 years. 
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