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Brazil Nuts



The big seeds of Brazil nuts come from trees that grow in the Amazon jungle. These "seeds" come in groups of 8 to 24 inside a hard pod that looks like a coconut and is 4 to 6 inches long.

In 1569, a Spanish colonist brought thousands of Brazil nuts to his hungry and tired troops. This is the first time this nut is mentioned in history. Brazil nuts, like all tree nuts, are full of calories, protein, and important vitamins and minerals, so it makes sense that they got better quickly.

At the moment, Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru are the main countries that make it. Brazil nuts are sold both in their shells and without them. They can be eaten raw, roasted, salted, or added to ice cream, chocolate, and baked goods.


Selenium, a trace mineral that is important for the body to work well, is found in a lot of Brazil nuts.

Selenium makes sure your thyroid is healthy and helps your immune system work as well as it can. Higher levels of selenium can help strengthen your immune system and make it easier to deal with cancer, heart disease, infections, and infertility, among other health problems. You can get the same amount of selenium from just two Brazil nuts a day as you would from a supplement.

◉ Reduced Risk of Heart Disease:- There are a lot of monounsaturated fats in Brazil nuts, which are healthy fats. Adding monounsaturated fat to your diet can help reduce your risk of heart disease by lowering your cholesterol levels. The fiber in Brazil nuts can also help lower cholesterol levels in the blood, which lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke.

◉ Diabetes Management:- Some studies show that the selenium in Brazil nuts can help people with type 2 diabetes lower their insulin levels and make their bodies more sensitive to insulin. This makes their blood sugar levels better.

◉ Inflammation Relief:- There are many antioxidants in Brazil nuts, like vitamin E and phenols. Antioxidants can help your body fight off free radicals, which can cause oxidative stress and inflammation. Getting rid of inflammation can make you less likely to get diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer.

◉ Brain Health:- Low selenium levels have been linked to neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Selenium is one of the antioxidants in Brazil nuts that can help your brain stay healthy. Some studies also show that getting more selenium can help make you feel better.


Product Name Brazil Nuts.
Scientific Name Bertholletia excelsa HBK.
Country of Origin Originally from Brazil and into Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador. Packaged in the USA.
Product Style Whole.
Taste & Aroma Brazil nuts are smooth and crunchy, and their smell is slightly nutty with hints of smokey wood.
Shelf Life & Storage Shelf Life is about 6-12 Months.The best way to store them is in a cool, dark place with a lid that keeps out air.
Precautions We requested you, Before consuming spices, herbs, teas or any kind of natural products you consult an expert qualified healthcare practitioner or herbalist.
Notice  This product information has not been appraised by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). For educational purposes only.


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