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Black Cumin seed / Kalonji Seed / Nigella sativa


What are Black Cumin Seeds?

Nigella is the scientific name for love-in-the-mist flowers, which are a common garden plant with enormous, sky-blue petals and lacy leaves. However, the black seeds utilized for culinary reasons are from a species with fewer cream-colored petals and fewer petals overall. Sincerely, it is really dull.

This plant's seeds are known as nigella, black caraway, and kalonji, however, they are occasionally misnamed black onion seeds. The seeds are as little as pinpricks and black. They are popular in India, West Bengal, and Bangladesh, but are seldom eaten elsewhere. The seeds are often sold whole since milling them generates volatile oils that deteriorate rapidly.

In addition to being used in spice blends, the seeds are often used as a garnish for bread and curries. Before cooking, the seeds are also combined with salt and used to season legume, grain, potato, and vegetable recipes.

While their crunchy texture is delightful, it is their taste, which is unique in the world of spices, that makes them so dang tasty. Undoubtedly subtle, salt and starches accentuate their nutty, earthy taste. The scent is yeasty, bready, and has traces of oregano.

Black Cumin Seeds Used:

Famous as a component in Jewish Rye Bread, meat, veggies, liquors, baking, and Garam Masala. 

Black Cumin Seeds substitute:

Black Sesame Seeds, Caraway Seeds, Caraway Powder, or Cumin Seeds.

Black Cumin Seeds health benefits:

In numerous traditional herbal systems, black cumin seeds are used to treat a broad range of diseases, including a variety of respiratory issues, chronic headache and back pain, diabetes, paralysis, infection, inflammation, hypertension, and digestive disorders.

May Lower Cholesterol: Multiple studies have revealed that kalonji supplements may help lower total and "bad" LDL cholesterol.

Can Help Kill off Bacteria: Multiple forms of bacterial infections may be treatable with kalonji, according to both test-tube and human research.

May Alleviate Inflammation: Several studies have revealed that kalonji and its active constituents may help lower inflammatory indicators.

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Best Black Cumin Seeds info at a glance:

Product Name Black Cumin Seeds.
Scientific Name Nigella sativa.
Country of Origin
Product Style
Taste & Aroma
Strong, slightly bitter, peppery, and smoky.
Shelf Life & Storage
To store, keep in a cool dry place, and you can await Black cumin seeds shelf life for about 3 to 4 years with minor decay
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