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Arbol Chili


Arbol Chile Peppers Description:

The Chile de Arbol is thin, bright red, spicy dried peppers. It is small, thin Mexican pepper. It has a smoky grassy characteristic with an acidic heat, that is about 6 times hotter than a jalapeño pepper.

Chiles de Arbol is almost always sold dried and unlike other dried peppers, which tend to brown during the drying process, chiles de árbol retain their red color.

Our Chile De Arbol peppers carry some high heat with a pungent, smoky, and slightly earthy flavor. Arbol Peppers have outstanding heat with a grilled taste heat index is between 15,000 - 30,000 Scoville Units. They are absolute to add some heat to your salsas or dishes.

We offer the best amazing chiles and spices because our dried Arbol chili peppers carry no additives, preservatives, or harsh chemicals. In fact, they’re non-GMO, gluten-free, and support farm-to-table healthy living.

Chili De Arbol Benefits:

All chilies are quality sources of very supreme nutrients. The health benefits that come from Arbol powder are the result of its containing compounds like Vitamins. Minerals, Fiber, Capsaicin.

◉ May Reduce High blood pressure:
Arbol Chilies work by giving rise to blood vessels to relax and dilate, which is what lowers blood pressure.

◉ May support to lower diabetes:

Arbol chili peppers may be able to enhance insulin sensitivity and aid to balance blood sugar.

◉ May support lower Inflammation:

Arbol chilies contain antioxidants. Antioxidants may be helpful for diminishing inflammation and that may help to prevent certain cancers. 

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Arbol chili peppers more information:

Product Name Arbol Chile Peppers.
Scientific Name Capsicum anuum 'De Árbol'.
Country of Origin
Product Style
Taste & Aroma
Arbol Chile Peppers has a Hot, spicy, and intense!
Shelf Life & Storage
Arbol Chile Peppers have a shelf life of 36 months or 3 years when tightly closed and stored in a cool, dry place to protect against flavor loss and moisture.
We suggest you, Before consuming spice, herbs, or any kind of Natural product you can consult a qualified certified healthcare practitioner or herbalist.
Notice  Our product information has not been appraised by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). For educational purposes only.