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Anise is indigenous to southwest Asia and the Mediterranean region. Perhaps its most important quality is its versatility as the plant has applications in cooking, health, and medicine. As both an herb and a spice, the anise plant offers some properties that are beneficial to the human body.

While they may belong to the same family of Apiaceae, aniseed powder is not to be confused with star anise or fennel. Anise is a flowering herbaceous plant that is annual in nature and will typically grow up to 3ft tall. The anise plant has white flowers and oblong fruits which are also known as aniseeds.

While it is now predominantly grown in Europe, anise was first grown in Egypt and in the middle east. Anise extracts are highly coveted and have long been used for treating various health conditions. In Biblical times, ground anise was so valuable that they become a means of value exchange and was even used as currency.

The Romans nicknamed the plant “Solamen Intestinorum” which translates to “the comforter of bowels” and used to it treat indigestion and flatulence.

Another significance of anise extract is the use of anise oil in insecticides. The oil is harmful to lice and other itch-inducing insects. The seeds do well in fertile regions and hardly ever survive being transplanted due to their taproots. Anise is a star anise substitute as both spices have the same flavor but different families.

The essential oils extracted from aniseeds are perhaps its most valuable components as they carry most of the plant's essence. It is extracted from the fruit using steam distillation and makes up between 2-7% of the aniseed.

Anise seeds benefits:

Anise seed is low in calories but contains a good amount of several important minerals, including iron, manganese, and calcium.

◉ Used as an expectorant:
The essential oil from aniseed which is an anise extract is a very effective expectorant. It helps to loosen phlegm and can prove very efficient for removing mucus from the nostrils. This property makes aniseed very useful in relieving cold and nasal congestion.

◉ Helps with digestion:

Perhaps one of its earliest uses, anise seeds help with promoting digestion. Anise oil is a very effective digestive that helps to facilitate easy food digestion.

This makes it very useful for people who may be experiencing slow digestion. To do this, simply add some anise oil to a glass of water and drink it after a heavy meal.

◉ Beneficial to the skin:

A major component of anise oil is Anethol. A compound that gives the oil its characteristic smell. This smell is also similar to the star anise flavor and signifies the presence of the antiseptic aromatic compound.

Anise oil gotten from anise extract is capable of keeping your skin smooth, blemish-free, and glowing. When mixed with other compounds like shear butter, the detoxifying properties pair well to help smoothen your skin.

◉ Widely adopted in cooking:

As a spice, fresh anise leaves are used in cooking. They add both a sweet aroma and flavor to foods while adding a refreshing taste to the dish. It is also used to prepare herbal teas and drinks that provide relief to common problems like headache, nausea, and a bloated stomach. 

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Product Name Anise Seed.
Scientific Name Pimpinella anisum.
Country of Origin
Product Style
Taste & Aroma
Anise has a licorice flavor that is sweet, mildly spicy, and very aromatic.
Shelf Life & Storage
Anise Seed has a shelf life of 18 months or 1.5 years when tightly closed and stored in a cool, dry place to protect against flavor loss and moisture.
We suggest you, Before consuming spice, herbs, or any kind of Natural product you can consult a qualified certified healthcare practitioner or herbalist.
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