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Aji Amarillo Powder


The name Aji Amarillo translates directly to Yellow pepper in Spanish. Believed to have been domesticated in Peru in 2500 BC, these peppers are indigenous to Peru and have become one of the most important cooking spices in most of their diets.

Its use is so widespread that it is widely regarded as a part of the holy trinity of cooking ingredients including red onion and garlic.

The Aji Amarillo pepper does a great job of introducing a distinct flavor to any food as it adds both the characteristic heat for which it is known and a rather distinct fruity scent. As a result of its heat, the Aji Amarillo chili pepper is suitable for the preparation of several spicy recipes.

It is particularly new to American markets but has been adopted for use in common foods like banana bread, or even glazing a ham.

The powder can either be prepared for use as Aji Amarillo sauce or Aji Amarillo paste to be served as a condiment with every meal. The Aji spice is best suited for use when you are looking for a heat source that has some flavor to it and more spice than your regular cayenne pepper.

In production, the plant starts off green and matures into a bright orange color, a form in which they are often sold. Typically, they take about four months to mature as each plant will produce an average of 40 peppers after growing about 5 feet tall. 

Amarillo Chili Health Benefits:

Weight management:

As a result of the high levels of Capsaicin, this powder is able to help with weight regulation. When eaten consistently, the Aji Amarillo fruit has the capacity to help people with weight management over a long-term period.

Helps to fight cancerous cells:

The Capsaicinpresent in this powder may be able to fight off cancerous cells, particularly those associated with prostate cancer. According to several studies, capsaicin helps to prevent the multiplication of pre-existing cancer cells and may be very effective in slowing down the growth of prostate cancer cells.

◉ Increases energy, lipid oxidation, and appetite.

◉ The fruit possesses antiseptic, anti haemorrhoidal, and digestive properties that can help with the regulation of the internal environment.

◉ It can help with varicose veins, asthma, and digestive problems. 

Yellow Amarillo Chilli More Information:

Product Name Aji Amarillo Powder.
Scientific Name Capsicum Baccatum.
Country of Origin
Peru. Packaged in the USA.
Product Style
Powder / Ground.
Taste & Aroma
Distinctive, lemony, medium heat, and fruity.
Shelf Life & Storage
Shelf Life is 24 months. 
We suggest you, Before consuming spice, herbs, or any kind of organic product you can consult a qualified healthcare practitioner or herbalist.
Notice  Our product information has not been appraised by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). For educational purposes only.


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