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The flowering tops of the plant Agrimonia eupatoria L. are called "agrimony" in everyday language. The parts of the plant that are used as medicine are grown or gathered.

Preparations of agrimony are made by grinding the dried plant parts into small pieces.  With water and alcohol, these can also be used to make liquid extracts. 

Most of the time, herbal medicines with agrimony come in the form of herbal teas or gargles.   They are also sold as liquids that can be put on the skin or added to a bath. Some herbal medicines also have agrimony mixed with other herbal ingredients. This summary doesn't talk about these kinds of combinations.


Based on its long history of use, the HMPC decided that agrimony can be taken by mouth to treat mild diarrhea or used as a gargle to treat mild swelling of the mouth and throat. It can also be put on the skin to help with minor swelling and small wounds on the surface.

◉ Alleviates Menstrual Discomfort - One of the best-known ways to use agrimony is as a coagulant, which can stop bleeding and help wounds heal. Even though menstruation isn't a "wound" in the traditional sense, agrimony can be taken by mouth to stop heavy menstrual bleeding and reduce inflammation to make those hard times a little easier to deal with.

◉ Aids in Digestion - As an anti-inflammatory, agrimony is often used to get rid of digestive and GI problems, especially diarrhea and the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. It can make the stomach feel a lot better by making the membranes and tissues of the gut less irritated and inflamed.

◉ Heals Wounds - Agrimony has been used to heal wounds and stop bleeding since the Middle Ages. It is sometimes called the "gunshot plant." Because it is a good coagulant, it was used to heal wounds from battle (a chemical that causes blood or another liquid to coagulate). Because of how it works, agrimony is now used to stop excessive bleeding, especially during menstruation. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help ease the pain of heavy periods, which can be caused by menstruation.

◉ Detoxification - Agrimony has a lot of helpful plant parts that help the body get rid of waste. Antioxidants that have a big therapeutic effect include tannins, flavan-3-ols, flavonols, flavones, and phenolic acids. It has also been shown that these chemicals can reduce inflammation and ease pain.

Agrimony is also a diuretic, which means it makes you pee more and helps your kidneys get rid of waste more often. This helps get rid of extra fluids and stimulates the kidneys, which helps the body get rid of uric acid and extra crystals that can cause problems like gout, arthritis, and kidney stones.


Product Name Agrimony.
Scientific Name Agrimonia eupatoria.
Country of Origin
Originally from Bulgaria. Packaged in the USA.
Product Style
Powder or Ground.
Taste & Aroma
The taste of agrimony is sweet, acrid, and a little bitter.
Shelf Life & Storage
In general, there is generally a 4 years validity after production.The best way to store them is in a cool, dark place with a lid that keeps out air.
We requested you, Before consuming spices, herbs, teas or any kind of natural products you consult an expert qualified healthcare practitioner or herbalist.
Notice  This product information has not been appraised by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). For educational purposes only.

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