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Aleppo Pepper Flakes


What are Aleppo pepper flakes?

With its most common characteristic being its rich burgundy color, the Aleppo pepper is a favorite in most dishes mainly for its moderate heat and tasteful flavor.

A little dab of the deep red Aleppo Chile will bring out the flavor in just about anything, from microwave popcorn to roasted tofu.

It is a common middle eastern condiment that can be used to season a wide range of foods just like you would with any other regular pepper.

Being a part of the Capsicum Annum family, the Aleppo Chile originates originally from Syria and is a well-known middle eastern and Mediterranean spice. The Aleppo pepper is also known as the Halaby pepper and is named after the long-inhabited Syrian city of Aleppo.

However, its cultivation has slowly moved to turkey as sourcing it in the war-torn city proved to be too much of a hassle. Aleppo pepper starts off as pods and ripens to a burgundy color after which they are harvested, semi-dried, de-seeded, crushed, and ground into a fine powder.

The spice has a moderate heat and is rated 10,000 on the Scoville scale. It does have a bit of sweetness to it as it is fruity and has the savory finish of sun-dried tomatoes. Even though the Aleppo spice originally comes from Syria and is named after the city in northern Syria.

However, seeing as they are quite a lot of spices similar to the Aleppo pepper in the capsicum annum family, endeavor to ensure that you are getting the actual Aleppo pepper and not a darker and smokier variation like the Urfa Biber.

This spice can be used in several forms and is sold as both Aleppo pepper flakes and Aleppo pepper spice. Its application is used across lots of Mediterranean dishes, especially in the form of crushed flakes which are oilier than regular crushed pepper.

Aleppo Chile easily blends with other spices and is a great recipe for use in flavoring salads.

Aleppo pepper health benefits:

Helps to improve eyesight.

Aleppo pepper is a variant of the capsicum annum family that contains a lot of antioxidants. Its high concentration of vitamin A makes it the perfect herb for vision improvement.

The protective action of vitamin A makes it very good for the cornea as it also treats dry eyes. People looking to increase their vitamin A consumption will find it beneficial to consume Aleppo pepper with most meals.

The Aleppo spice can also help with myopia, cataract, fighting off macular degeneration, and just keeping the eye tissue healthy.

Speeds up metabolism.

The Halaby pepper has an innate ability to increase metabolic rate. Generally, eating hot pepper has been shown to escalate body metabolism and circulation as it induces heavy sweating that cools down the body. This happens as the perspiring action releases toxic minerals from the body’s sweat pores.

Alleviate inflammation.

Aleppo pepper contains capsaicin as an active component. Capsaicin which is also the main cause of the heating sensation when peppers are consumed is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This quality makes it suitable for people with conditions such as asthma, arthritis, and nervous disorders.

Diabetes control.

According to several clinical tests. Capsaicin helps to balance blood insulin levels thereby countering all other symptoms that increase sugar levels. Being high in Capsaicin as its main component, the Aleppo spice is undoubtedly a great resource for diabetics. 

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Aleppo chili flakes info at a glance:

Product Name Aleppo Pepper.
Scientific Name Capsicum Annuum 'Aleppo'.
Country of Origin
Aleppo, Syria. Packaged in the USA.
Product Style
Taste & Aroma
Its flavor is similar to the ancho chilebut oilier and slightly salty.
Shelf Life & Storage
To store, keep in a cool dry place, and you can await Aleppo pepper flakes shelf life for 3 months or three years with little decay.
We urged you that, before consuming spicesherbs, or any kind of natural products you can consult a qualified healthcare practitioner or herbalist.
Pensive Attention

This product information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). For educational purposes only.


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