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Chamomile tea, which is prepared by steeping dried chamomile flowers in hot water, is used to cure a broad variety of ailments.

Because of the calming and healing effects it has, chamomile has been used in herbal medicine for many generations. If you are having trouble falling asleep at night, want to strengthen your immune system, or want to reduce stress, drinking chamomile tea may assist with all of these things.

Chamomile Tea BENEFITS:

Tea made from chamomile is renowned for its ability to calm anxious feelings and put people more easily to sleep. In addition, it may be used to soothe an upset stomach as well as other digestive problems. There is no credible evidence to support the traditional use of chamomile for the treatment of acid reflux, despite the fact that it is often believed to calm stomach upset. 

◉ Contains anti-inflammatory properties:- Drinking chamomile tea, which includes anti-inflammatory qualities, has been demonstrated to lessen inflammatory symptoms, and studies have been done to support this claim. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, which may be beneficial for those who suffer from conditions that cause chronic inflammation, such as arthritis.

◉ Soothes cold symptoms:- The common cold may also be treated with a soothing cup of chamomile tea. When you're feeling under the weather, drinking chamomile tea may help alleviate some of the discomfort you're experiencing.

◉ Good for your heart:- The heart-healthy benefits of chamomile are well-documented. Research shows that sipping chamomile tea may be useful for patients who suffer from conditions like coronary heart disease, however further studies are needed to confirm this.

◉ Helps with digestion:- Following a heavy meal with a cup of chamomile tea may assist with digestion and settle an upset stomach. Scientific studies have shown that chamomile may alleviate the discomfort of acid reflux, prevent gas and bloating, and improve digestive health in general.


Product Name Chamomile Tea.
Scientific Name Matricaria chamomilla.
Country of Origin Originally from native to Europe, north Africa, and some parts of Asia. Packaged in the USA.
Product Style Whole.
Taste & Aroma You can taste hints of apple in chamomile, and it's sweet like a cross between honey and sugar.
Shelf Life & Storage Shelf Life is about 12 - 24 months.The best way to store them is in a cool, dark place with a lid that keeps out air.
Precautions We requested you, Before consuming spices, herbs, teas or any kind of natural products you consult an expert qualified healthcare practitioner or herbalist.
Notice  This product information has not been appraised by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). For educational purposes only.


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