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The leaves of rosemary, which is a small evergreen plant called Salvia rosmarinus, are used to add flavor to food. Rosemary is from the Mediterranean area, but it has spread to much of Europe and is grown in many gardens in warm climates. The leaves have a strong, slightly bitter flavor and are usually used to season food, especially lamb, duck, chicken, sausages, seafood, stuffings, stews, soups, potatoes, tomatoes, turnips, and other vegetables, as well as drinks. Rosemary's taxonomy has been controversial, and it used to be called Rosmarinus officinalis, which is a name from the genus Rosmarinus. See also Salvia.

Rosemary is a shrub that comes back year after year. It usually grows to a height of about 1 meter (3.3 feet), but some plants can grow up to 2 meters (6.6 feet) tall. The linear leaves are about 1 cm (0.4 inch) long and look a bit like small, curved pine needles. They are dark green and shiny on top, and white and curled on the bottom. Bees are attracted to the small, blue-ish flowers that grow in clusters on the side of the stem. Rosemary is pretty resistant to most pests and diseases, but in humid climates, it can get fungal infections like powdery mildew. It is also a place where spittlebugs often live. Cuttings make it easy to grow the plants.


Researchers have found that the carnosic and rosmarinic acids in rosemary are very good at killing bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Regularly eating rosemary could help lower the chance of getting sick and help the immune system fight any infections that do happen.

◉ Combat Gastrointestinal Stress- Rosemary oil can help with a number of stomach problems, such as indigestion, gas, stomach cramps, bloating, and constipation. It also makes you hungry and helps control the production of bile, which is a key part of digestion. To treat stomach problems, mix 1 teaspoon of a carrier oil like coconut or almond oil with 5 drops of rosemary oil and massage the mixture into your stomach. When rosemary oil is used in this way on a regular basis, the liver is cleaned out and the gallbladder stays healthy.

◉ Relieve Stress and Anxiety - Researchers have found that just breathing in the scent of rosemary essential oil can lower your blood levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Stress, anxiety, or any thought or event that puts your body in "fight-or-flight" mode can raise your cortisol levels. Cortisol can cause weight gain, oxidative stress, high blood pressure, and heart disease when stress lasts for a long time. You can get rid of stress right away with a diffuser for essential oils or just by breathing in through an open bottle. To make an aromatherapy spray for stress, just mix 6 tablespoons of water, 2 tablespoons of vodka, and 10 drops of rosemary oil in a small spray bottle. Use this spray to relax at night by spraying it on your pillow, or use it any time to relieve stress by spraying it into the air inside.

◉ Reduce Pain and Inflammation  - By massaging rosemary oil into the affected area, you can take advantage of its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. To make a good salve, mix 1 teaspoon of a carrier oil with 5 drops of rosemary oil. Use it for headaches, sprains, rheumatism, arthritis, or muscle pain or soreness. You could also take a hot bath with a few drops of rosemary oil in it.

◉ Treat Respiratory Problems- When you breathe in rosemary oil, it makes you cough, which can help clear your throat if you have allergies, a cold, or the flu. Because the smell is antiseptic, breathing it in can help fight off respiratory infections. It also works to stop muscle spasms, which can help treat bronchial asthma. Use rosemary oil in a diffuser or add a few drops to a mug or small pot of boiling water. Inhale the vapor up to three times a day.


Product Name Rosemary.
Scientific Name Salvia rosmarinus.
Country of Origin
Originally from Spain. Packaged in the USA.
Product Style
Taste & Aroma
Minty with a similar flavor to tea.
Shelf Life & Storage
Shelf Life is about 12- months.The best way to store them is in a cool, dark place with a lid that keeps out air.
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